Oct 26th 2017 It was a very good day for children and permanent guardians of children in Queensland yesterday when the Child Protection Reform Amendment Bill 2017 passed. This means that the Child Protection Act 1999 QLD will now be promoting positive long-term outcomes for children in the child protection system through timely decision making and decisive action towards either reunification with family or alternative long-term care.

Currently there are over 10,000 children in the Qld Foster Care System1 and they can have up to 35 placements2. These vulnerable children need permanent, safe & loving homes so they can heal.   Their outcomes are poor and more needs to be done to provide genuine permanency for them:3 

  • 92% of children in care are below the average reading level at age seven
  • 75% of these children do not complete schooling

  • 50% of the homeless come from a care background

  • 35% enter the juvenile justice system at some point (82% Australian prisoners have below grade 4 level of functional literacy)

  • 28% of care-leavers are parents within 12 months of leaving care.

November 2017 - News

Queensland Alliance for Kids took a stand at the Connections for Life: National Permanency Conference 2017

The Adopt Change inaugural permanency conference
addressed the reality of the thousands of vulnerable Australian children in need of a permanent, loving home.

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to read on about QAK President, Lisa Dibb's Connections For Life presentation and legendary actor Jack Thompson.